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Protect Your Family with a proper Home Protection SQUAD Indonesia Specialist Termite and Pest Control that has always been able to satisfy customers by providing excellent services and performance

Protection begins with a thorough examination. SQUAD Indonesia Specialist Termite and Pest Control as your consultant will inspect your home thoroughly, inside and outside. Next, SQUAD Indonesia Team (service technician) will apply the most effective termite pest control systems. We know the best treatment against different pests, therefore, we will choose among our advanced treatments,including feeder

SQUAD Indonesia Termite and Pest Control provides SURVEY or INSPECTION services for FREE, which aims to detect Termite and Pest in your building that can damage your Property


The customers put their trust in Commercial SQUAD Indonesia; we guarantee a complete satisfaction in every point of contact of your business. Everything is supported by the performance and experience of our team who has been trained and proven.

SQUAD Indonesia is a certified Termite and Pest Control company in Indonesia. Using certified chemical, right dosage and chemical concentrate, skills and standard procedures. We will guarantee the quality of our services.

SQUAD Indonesia Termite and Pest Control Consultant will be looking for more than just the signs of Termite and Pest, but also analysing Configuration and Construction, as well as other features that will help determining the appropriate treatment method for your building. Because each home and business place are different. Please note that it will cost a more money for renovation due to the damage caused by termites rather than take smart precautions by allowing SQUAD Indonesia resolve your problem

Jet Spray System

SQUAD Indonesia using the BEST Jet Spray’s System in Indonesia to protect your building. With Jet Spray’s system, the spread of the chemical are more even and effective