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“To be a partner for all customers, and to serve any termite and pest problem”

SQUAD Indonesia have been standing and having a clear vision and mission in the field of Termite and Pest Control. As a professional Termite and Pest Control service, we always develop a new innovations in solving pest problems.

We always focus on addressing the problems caused by pest attack by
controlling the pest gradually. The scope of our work is very broad including housing, office, villas, warehouse, residence, and many more.

We are also aware that our work area is closely related to the environment for that reason, our company is committed to use chemicals and work methods which are completely harmless for the environment. The chemical have been approved directly from the world health organization, especially food and beverage (FAO) and the Ministry of Health of Indonesia

Professional HandyMan

SQUAD Pest Control has experience and expertise in dealing with pest problems With the protection from crawling insects (cockroaches, ants, etc.), flying insects (mosquitoes, flies, etc.)

Free Inspection

SQUAD Indonesia Termite & Pest Control provides SURVEY or INSPECTION services for FREE, which aims to detect termite pests in your building that can damage your property

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If you need our service, feel free to contact us. We will have a SOLUTION for your Termite & Pest problem within 24 hours